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Kerb Headstones

Elevated, grand commemorative structure.

Kerbeds or kerb sets offer a real elegant and regal look to a memorial. Kerbstones are also used to enhance the look of your chosen headstone. With a huge variety on offer, we will have an option that is suitable for your needs. As with all of our memorials, we can craft your unique inscriptions and any artwork you would like as well as any finishing touches such as ornaments, vases and urns, statues and more.

View our catalogue to view our collection of kerb set memorials, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Why Opt For A Kerb Set Memorial?

A kerb set memorial not only provides a grand commemorative structure, but it also has other benefits that make them a wonderful choice:

Personalise Your Kerb Set

To make your kerb set truly unique, our qualified stonemasons can personalise it for you. The majority of our headstones will work harmoniously with our kerb sets, so you can complement your chosen headstone. Choose to add inscriptions, etching and chosen artwork as well as additional features such as a statue or something else. Each design is completely unique and made in either granite, sandstone, or marble – view our catalogue to find out more, or get in touch if you have a unique idea.

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