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Cremation Memorials

Creating an everlasting memory to celebrate their life.

We give our cremation memorials the same level of craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail as any of our other traditional headstones. These memorial plaques and stones offer an understated elegance and come in a range of styles and colours. All crafted from the same premium granite, marble, and sandstone as our other ranges.

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Cremation Headstones

Cremation headstones and memorials are a wonderful way to remember a loved one who doesn’t have a physical grave. Usually added in cemeteries, they can also be positioned where the ashes are scattered, provided you have permission.

Our memorials have ample room for inscriptions and additional features – all of which can be made in your chosen stone and have custom artwork if wanted. Just get in touch to find out more, or download our catalogue to view the full range.

Personalised & Customised

Every headstone we craft is designed by our talented team of stonemasons. Giving you the option to truly personalise your memorial stone. Once you have chosen your style and stone, whether modern or traditional, in either marble, granite or sandstone, we can then customise it with photographs, etching, inscription verses, personal artwork and more.

Just like every piece we create, we want your cremation memorial to be as unique, special and personal to reflect the person it is being made for.

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